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Leadership: More than Managing People

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Leadership: More than Managing People

Rose Martinelli, head of admissions at Chicago Booth is an outstanding blogger. This week she asks, “What if I don’t manage people?”

She says: “While several members of our team are heading to Europe, I’ll be heading to Southern California for the next few days before heading to NYC and back to Chicago on Friday for our first Chicago Booth Live of the season. It’s a busy time of the year!

While on the East Coast last week, I heard a number of questions surrounding leadership that I thought I would address briefly here. First, leadership encompasses much more than managing people. The vast majority of applicants will not likely have had the opportunity to officially manage people yet, but have had opportunities to “lead” ideas, sports teams, student groups, and, of course, make life decisions. Think about how you’ve impacted an organization or decision recently. It’s likely you did not have hierarchical authority, but you were successful because of your influence, effective communication skills, and your ability to motivate people toward a shared goal. So think broadly about the topic of leadership recognizing that each person has their own unique style. Make sure that you explore your leadership style as you prepare for your MBA experience. It’s one of the biggest developmental challenges you will face throughout your career.”

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