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Master Admissions offers professional admissions consulting for graduate school applicants for students from all over the world! We have lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, London, Russia, South Africa, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and have a true global outlook. Together we can make your MBA application exceptional!

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Master Admissions’ number-one goal is to help you get into the business administration program of your choice. Certainly, the applicant pool is competitive, but I also know that you have a compelling story that draws upon your achievements and unique personal qualities. I help you map your strategy out so that you will succeed. So that your MBA essays stand out. Together we review your work and life experiences and carefully elicit the tangible and measurable accomplishments that you may not have seen yourself.

Our Philosophy

Getting accepted by a business school you've always dreamed of does not require you graduate as valedictorian of your university class. You don't have to earn perfect scores on your GMAT, nor must you start your own million-dollar business and win the Nobel peace prize. Rather, Master Admissions believes that every candidate to business school owns an exceptional story, and that story is the key to your application.

Paying it Forward

We donate up to 10% of fees to 501 (c) (3) non-profits, particularly, local charities that might be overlooked, underfunded, and have a verifiable impact. We at Master Admissions are always interested in learning about candidates' involvement in their communities, big and small.

“My goal is to draw out your rock star qualities. Your story is far more interesting than you think.”

Betsy Massar

Betsy Massar founded Master Admissions back in 2009 and has worked with hundreds of candidates on getting into the top business schools in the world. She was one of the pioneering women graduates of Harvard Business School, worked on Wall Street and in Asia, and has been a long-time communications coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
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“One of our favorite admissions consultants!”

—John Byrne, Editor, Poets & Quants

Program Selection

Master Admissions will help you select the type of degree and program that are best suited for your career goals, help you select target schools and then choose between accepted schools/programs.

Clarifying and refining essays

We can help brainstorm key themes, hone in on your unique profile and assure the integrity of your message so your authentic story shines through.

Recommendations and resumés

Managing Recommenders can be tricky. Betsy helps you manage them and crystallize their message. She can also help refine your resumé for maximum impact.


Interviewing well is a skill you can develop. Master Admissions will coach you for content and presentation and prepare you with practice interview sessions.

What’s your dream MBA Program? Tell me, and together we will make that happen.