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You Really Want to Read this Article Now

Master AdmissionsInspiration You Really Want to Read this Article Now

You Really Want to Read this Article Now

Believe it or not, the admissions deadlines for 2016 entry is fast approaching. I’d rather think about relaxing during the summer and taking a break.  But MBA programs are releasing applications for the next cycle, and it makes sense to start your campaign for getting into your top choice business school.

To get you going, I’m offering just a few tips to get you going as you launch the application process.

1. Consider first round.

Whether it less competitive or not, the admissions committee has a blank slate for the class. Better they pick you because of you, rather than search for someone to fill a hole and it happens to be you. For portfolio managers out there, you know what I mean – if the portfolio is partly built, you tend to look for either non-correlated securities or to fill a certain area where you need exposure. MBA classes are built similarly.

2.  Make sure your GMAT scores are up to snuff.

The last thing you want is to have to deal with studying for a very annoying standardized test and project-managing the rest of the application. I am a strong believer in taking a course or hiring a tutor. Feel free to email me for specific suggestions.

3. Use your summer to talk with first-year and graduating MBA students.

You have a wonderful chance to ask the dumb questions and get a feel for your fit with each school.  If you are thinking of switching careers, find a between-years student or recent grad and ask how it has worked for them so far. The clearer your game plan for the next few years, and how it connects with the future, the better.

4.  Research by reading and watching everything published by the schools.

Let the school market to you. A college classmate of mine actually tells business schools how to market their services to prospective students. MBA programs pay good money to consultants and brand managers to make sure that what they are saying about themselves represents the school’s unique selling points.

5. Start thinking about your recommenders.

You want to make sure you have buy-in from the people who will help you the most. I’ve written about this a lot, including an article in Poets & Quants – and here’s the original blog post on wrangling recommenders, which culls the best advice from admissions officers and other experts.

If it makes you feel any better, applications for medical school are due in June.  Just think…you’ve got several months more!

And if you will be in Palo Alto, CA in July, I’m facilitating the Dartmouth & Harvard Clubs’ MBA Admissions Workshop.  Save the date of July 14 for a fun and interactive few hours that will help you clarify and organize your plans for the upcoming applications.