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Almost-free MBA Guidance for Women

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Almost-free MBA Guidance for Women

Lots of MBA programs, including Harvard Business School, have now decided thatMBA women they need to increase more women applicants. But here’s the reality check: it doesn’t mean it is a cakewalk to get in, especially to the top business schools.

The well-funded Forté Foundation figured this out a long time ago, and has tremendous resources to help women make business career decisions, pay for school, and navigate the process.

Their newest program, MBA Launch On Demand, offers amazing advice and great webinars — admissions committee types, MBA students and graduates, and other people who know what they are talking about.

Yes, if you sign up, you’ll have a chance to participate in a well-designed, professional, and extremely helpful program designed to get you into the top business schools in the world.

Here’s how they describe it

Forté MBALaunch On Demand for Women is a self-paced, development program for women intending to pursue an MBA degree in 2015. Presented by top business school representatives, test prep companies, and industry experts, MBALaunch On Demand for Women provides a variety of perspectives on GMAT preparation and the business school application process.

And here’s a wonderful success story from a woman who is joining the MIT Sloan Class of 2017.

But Wait, There’s More!

If this isn’t the year for you, and you are looking for really in-depth personal service, then take a look at MBA Launch Live.
I’ve been doing pro-bono work with several outstanding students who are already in the application process. And they have opportunities to talk directly to admissions people through personal coaching or “office hours.”

The catch? You have to sign up pretty early in the cycle to participate. I recommend you bookmark this page: Forté MBA Central put yourself on the Forté mailing list, and jump on the MBA Live events, even if the conferences aren’t in your city. You’ll still have a peer support group and lots of personal help from experts. There’s so much to gain from it!