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Master Admissions offers professional admissions consulting for graduate school applicants for students from all over the world! We have lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, London, Russia, South Africa, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and have a true global outlook. Together we can make your MBA application exceptional!

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January 23, 2014

I knew I had a fairly unique story to tell, but that I also had some obstacles: a 66th percentile Quant score coupled with a Humanities undergrad and a meandering career path (academia, journalism, family business, no brand name corporations or traditional MBA-feeder industries on my resume at all). In the end, I batted a perfect .1000, gaining admission to every program I applied to and no less than 3 full-tuition scholarship offers. I could not have done it without Betsy and her team. Brutal honesty + a deep knowledge of what adcoms at the various schools like + a great ear for sharp writing = exactly the kind of tough love you want from an admissions consultant.
It’s not an assembly-line type of service. You don’t get emails back from a guy burning through a pile of apps and making them all sound “Harvardy” without even looking at the name at the top of the essay or from a stranger with dozens of other apps dropped on his desk by the boss. Master Admissions offers a deep-dive, high-touch kind of service for people who are really serious about getting the most out of their consultant.