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Master Admissions offers professional admissions consulting for graduate school applicants for students from all over the world! We have lived in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, London, Russia, South Africa, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and have a true global outlook. Together we can make your MBA application exceptional!

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K- Stanford MsX – 3861

Master AdmissionsK- Stanford MsX – 3861

K- Stanford MsX – 3861

December 8, 2017

Right off the bat, I got a sense that Betsy had a more involved approach and certainly not the “cookie cutter one size fits feel” that I got from many others. I could not have picked a better guide; would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an involved tailored approach and doggedness!

Betsy’s turnarounds were fast and her inputs were incisive. Most importantly, she ensured that the essays always remained my own. She probed and nudged till I was able to convey my story in my own words in a forceful and convincing manner. I am very thankful to Betsy for her persistence — the essays remained mine and revealed what I really wanted to say.