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Great Resource for Wharton Interview

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Great Resource for Wharton Interview

For those who know something about Maria Wich-Vila and Applicant Lab, you know that this website is offers great, detailed advice and a great way to think about putting together the pieces of an MBA application. I have great respect for Maria, both for figuring out how to make an MBA application DIY platform work, and for being so thorough in her videos.

She’s now offering a new service, which is particularly helpful for people who just heard they have an interview at Wharton. The Team Based Discussion is an animal unto itself, and each year’s prompt is equally unique.  The MBA InterviewLab offers a great discussion on the format and the thinking of the Wharton prompt.  And for a price of $49, it’s tremendous value.

There are definitely options for doing a mock Wharton team interview with a number of providers (email me if you want some recommendations), but this is a much more cost-effective approach, at least to start to figure out what you are going to present to the group when it’s your turn at the TBD.

One more time — check out Applicant Lab a


MBA Interview Lab

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