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Exclusive!: Wharton Student Career Stats

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Exclusive!: Wharton Student Career Stats

During my recent trip to Philadelphia I learned an interesting career fact: for the Wharton class of 2013, 28% indicated they wanted a career in private equity or venture capital, and 11% landed such positions.  Even more interesting, of those 28% that expressed interest two years earlier only 12% ended up applying for those full-time positions.  So nearly everyone who applied for a PE/VC job from Wharton got one — nice!

As can be seen from the charts below, fewer students were interested in investment banking up front: just 6%, but 11% applied and (maybe related to those who returned to their own firms?) 15% ended up there in that industry. As for investment management, 11% expressed interest, 17% applied, but only 5% ended up working there. Does that mean investment management is more competitive than PE?

On another note, I’ve been saying all along that Wharton is not just a finance school — a full 34% ended up in consulting (when only 16% wanted to go there) and 10% ended up in tech. And that tech number, which is growing, represents a doubling of the 5% who expressed interest in that industry up front.

Enough talking; here are the slides

WG13 hiring numbers