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Best Way to Learn About MBA Schools: Meet Students

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Best Way to Learn About MBA Schools: Meet Students

Thank goodness for RSS feeds – saw this note that Wharton has already planned its coffee chats. These events are really useful.


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Meet Wharton students in your city this summer!

In the coming months, current Wharton MBA students will be spread across the globe for their summer internships. To take advantage of having so many student ambassadors around the world, Wharton MBA Admissions offers informal ‘coffee chats’ with these students for prospective students to learn firsthand about the Wharton experience and life in Philadelphia.

If you are interested in learning more about the Wharton MBA, register today for a meet-and-greet near you, as space is limited (click on the ‘Coffee Chats’ tab). Additional dates and cities will be added soon.

The students look forward to meeting you

Best Regards,
The Wharton MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Team

Note that sometimes these events are shown as sold out when they are not, so it’s really ok to crash if you cannot sign up. Also, I’ve heard sometimes that some events aren’t well attended at all, so you get some great one-on-one face time with students. These activities are the single best ways to figure out your fit with the school (and vise-versa).