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Admissions in the Age of Video

Master AdmissionsChicago Booth Admissions in the Age of Video

Admissions in the Age of Video

It’s official.  Your camera-ready self is the ticket to getting into business school.  At least at the Chicago Booth School of Business. In the competitive world of MBA admissions Chicago Booth had a brilliant idea, and they are rolling it out for their wait-listed candidates.   They are asking those prospective waitlisted students to put together 90-second infomercial about themselves.

Says Carrie Lydon, Associate Director of Admissions at Chicago Booth. “Often candidates would like to introduce themselves via a face-to-face conversation, and a video provides the opportunity to create a personal connection …In terms of the content–it is entirely up to you.”

What a great way to see just how articulate a student will be in the classroom (cold calls, anyone?) How well-thought-out is their argument asking the committee to “pick ME!”? How sincere, how grounded, and most of all, how believable is the candidate?

But students should be aware that it’s not just an advertisement for themselves. It’s new information. Here are five tips for selling yourself on video:

  1. Have something to say: Use the 90 seconds to actually make a case for yourself, It’s not about how much you want it;  it’s about how and why you are a great fit for the school.
  2. Be organized: Identify the two-to three specific things you want to convey in your message and clearly articulate them.
  3. Talk to the admissions committee directly: the people watching the video want you to connect with them.
  4. Rehearse:  It’s a performance, and you’ve got to be prepared.
  5. Be confident, but not arrogantSounds easy but so hard.  Take a tip from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business value of “confidence without attitude.

And here’s the great news, Master Admissions can help you put your video together.  We can help you put together a grounded, sincere video of YOU being YOU. We can help you be effective. We advise on the important non-verbal communication, tone of voice, and your ability to speak from your best self.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

Want more information? Contact me at Betsy@masteradmissions.com and we’ll make it happen!