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Applying to Stanford GSB in 2010?

Master AdmissionsUncategorized Applying to Stanford GSB in 2010?

Applying to Stanford GSB in 2010?

A great secret for those who are able to plan ahead enough in their b-school applications: many schools have pre-season women’s and diversity weekends to introduce prospective candidates to their MBA programs.

Going to one of these events gives you a great perspective on the school, and, to be honest, it puts you ahead of the competition. You’ll get insights you cannot find off a website or blog or… in your own imagination.

So here are the details for Stanford’s event — you do have to apply by April 15, but it’s only a short essay (not the big “What is most important to you and why” question!).
Please email me if you are interested in learning more: betsy@masteradmissions.com

Link to Stanford’s XX Factor Conference

Interested in Diversity Weekend too? Check out the “Many Voices” conference

Stanford GSB Diversity Day