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HBS Update on Interviews

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HBS Update on Interviews

This is more a long tweet than a blog post, and I apologize up front. But for all those who are anxious about Harvard Business School’s first-round interviews, Admissions Director Dee Leopold says invitations will start trickling out October 16 to Dec. 15.

HBS Round 1 Update

She writes:
Round 1 Update
Date: October 09, 2009

Greetings. We’re already deep into round 1 applications. As the leaves begin to turn colors (shameless plug for our spectacular foliage in New England) our board members burrow into their offices or study carrels in the library and we’re drinking lots of coffee in Spangler in order to keep us on schedule.

We expect to begin sending out interview invitations on October 16. This year we may not be trying to send as many out on one day as we did last year… maybe more like a not-scientifically-measured stream until December 15. We really (really, really, really) don’t know how many will go out on any given day. If you call and ask, we will say exactly that.

Interviews will take place during the month of November in Boston and in other hub cities. Detailed instructions to candidates about how to sign up for interviews will be included in their email invitation from us.

Don’t worry about whether our email will get lost and we’ll give away your interview spot. We don’t do that. We’ll find you. We’ve been doing this for a long time and we haven’t lost anyone yet!

I will post updates whenever I think it would be helpful and others in our office will keep you current through Twitter and Facebook.

And I’m hoping that I can devote one post each week to answering your questions.