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Third Round: Do I or Don’t I?

Betsy interviews admissions directors from around the US asking whether it’s worth it to apply to Round 3, or if it makes sense to wait.

Students do get admitted to top business schools in Round 3. It’s not a myth. As former Harvard Business School admissions director Dee Leopold wrote in her blog about Round 3, “Yes, we have spots available. We always do.”

Betsy interviews HBS/GSB Admit for Poets & Quants (with Podcast!)

We recently discussed Justin Ernest’s options with him and with Betsy Massar, founder of Master Admissions, a leading MBA admissions consulting firm. Massar is herself a Harvard MBA graduate who has had a career in finance both on Wall Street and in Asia, and who actually worked at Stanford GSB.

This Week’s Round 2 Deadline Dance

A lot of applicants think they are answering the question but sometimes people go a little bit astray,” says Betsy Massar, founder of Master Admissions. She notes that a number of people are doing cutting-and-pasting among their apps and it’s no uncommon for candidates to take a detour from the actual school prompt. “The trick to do this is have somebody else read your essay without knowing what the question is,” advises Massar.

Social Innovation at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business

A front-page P&Q interview by Betsy with the head of the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford GSB. The school’s core philosophy, “Change Lives. Change Organizations. Change the World.,” speaks to the GSB’s approach, which extends well beyond shareholders and investors. That philosophy draws in a whole range of forces that affect the way business is done and the way organizations are run.

Poets and Quants: Booth Asks Applicants to Riff on Pix

Early reaction from MBA admission consultants appears positive. “At first I thought, ‘huh’? and then after about 10 seconds, I thought, ‘yeah, why not?,’ says Betsy Massar, founder of Master Admissions. “There are plenty of angles to choose from, and even though the question is open ended, there’s enough focus on fit with Booth to get people started. Glad there’s a sense of fun to it as well. I appreciate that Booth is not trying to take itself overly seriously.”

Poets & Quants: Can you pass the mirror test at HBS?

“Admission consultants say the more informal casual approach is an attempt by HBS to take some anxiety out of the process of applying to a school that rejects 88% of its applicants each year. “It’s a lot easier putting together an application if you think they’re on your side,” says Betsy Massar of Master Admissions, an MBA admissions consultant. “The new application has sassy elements to it and it comes off as more of a dialogue.””

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