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My goal is to draw out your rock star qualities. Your story is far more interesting than you think.

Betsy Massar

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mind the gap

How to approach the optional essay

Every MBA candidate I talk to asks the same question: is the optional essay really optional?  It really depends. Wharton, for example has a second essay which they call “optional,” which it is, but it is a free form, “tell us something else we might want to know about the way you so we can […]


Storytelling and the business school essay

Stories work. In MBA admissions, investor pitches, in business school classrooms, and on TED. If you want to stand out in front of a bored admissions reader, you need to engage her.  You probably already know this, because storytelling as a meme has been in vogue for the last several years.  Even a look at […]

GMAT test success

GRE & GMAT Percentiles, Timing, Details

Answers technical questions about GMAT and GRE percentiles, the opportunity to retake, cancelling the score,  and other puzzling mysteries. These days, more and more students are taking the GRE, and that’s great. It is a slightly different style test from the GMAT, it is administered by a different organization, and it is likely to be more […]

MBA arecommendations

Best of the Web: MBA Recommendations

As we come up to the business school application deadlines, thousands of aspiring MBA students are asking their bosses, former bosses, senior colleagues, and even clients for recommendations to business school. It’s tough to navigate, but there are resources out there, and most of them are on the web. Below are some excerpts and links […]