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betsy massar

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Betsy Massar

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Authentic leadership

How to Convey Authentic Leadership in MBA Interviews

Many aspiring business school applicants wonder how to present themselves as authentic leaders before an admissions committee. They worry they don’t have a fancy title, they don’t have direct reports, or they haven’t thrown themselves in front of a land mine to save their fellow soldiers. Those are great examples, but there are thousands of […]


After Round 2 — And Some Interview Tips Too

This is the in-between season for MBA applicants, characterized by anxiety for everyone, including me. Reason: those who have already met their first-round deadlines have nothing to do but wait, and are suddenly overwhelmed with free time and unused gym memberships. Those who are applying in round 2 realize that they have to go through […]

Cornell Johnson

Incredibly useful interviewing tips from an MBA admissions officer

We are proud to present here a special guest post by Interim Admissions Director Ann Richards of Cornell’s Johnson School One of the key components to getting in to Business school is doing well on the in person interview. Johnson Interim Admissions Director Ann Richards has been working in the business for over 20 years […]

job interview anxiety_new

Interview Tips for When It REALLY Counts

Note: this post is not just relevant for business school, but appropriate for any position in a team-based company. Welcome to the MBA admissions waiting game. And it’s interview season! The rules for interviewing for a spot in the next business school class are really no different from the rules for interviewing for a coveted […]

mind the gap

How to approach the optional essay

Every MBA candidate I talk to asks the same question: is the optional essay really optional?  It really depends. Wharton, for example has a second essay which they call “optional,” which it is, but it is a free form, “tell us something else we might want to know about the way you so we can […]