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MBA Rankings – Take with a Grain of Salt?

As prospective students begin thinking about the business school admissions ordeal, one of the first things they often do is market research. Just as if you were to buy an automobile, you might look at surveys and expert opinions before choosing which car to test drive. Similarly, you might look at rankings to get a […]

Best of the Web: MBA Waitlist Strategies

Quite a few of you are trying now to figure out what to do while hanging out on the waitlist for your top-choice MBA program. It’s a tough position, and I prefer the Wharton waitlist model, which doesn’t allow you to add anything. It is so much easier to let the universe do its business. […]

GMAT vs GRE with Pictures!

Many students ask whether they can apply to business school with the GRE, thinking that they may be disadvantaged compared to students who are applying with the GMAT.  I’ve even quoted business school admissions directors, who are still undecided.  Last year at an AIGAC conference of graduate admissions peers, I heard arguments well in favor […]