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Reapply Next Year? Here’s Advice from a Top Business School

So, you’ve applied to business school last year and you didn’t get the results you wanted.  It’s not great news, but it isn’t the end of the world, and you’ve probably learned something from the experience. Now, many students I talk to are wondering whether to try again.  I usually say the answer is “Sure!” […]


The Warriors Have Something to Teach You About Leadership

I make no secret about being a Golden State Warriors fan. This is my home town team, and I am proud to admit that I am not just a bandwagon fan.  Sports fan or not, you’ve probably heard about their history-making skill.  You’ll see effusive descriptions about the players’ brilliance – individually and collectively.  And […]

Nice to meet you

Meeting Admissions Officers: Do’s and Don’ts

Over the years I’ve received questions from prospective students on how to make a good impression with admissions officer.  Easy answer: be yourself. You either will impress someone or you won’t.  Remember, you aren’t trying to be Lady Gaga. Spoiler alert! This article goes well against conventional wisdom advising students to impress admissions officers at […]

The Official Word on Round 3 MBA Chances

I recently wrote an article for Poets and Quants on Round 3, checking in with a whole bunch of admissions officers for their official word on the subject.  The quick answer: it’s a smaller round, and if you do apply, do it with gusto. For those with only two minutes to read, here are some […]