Together, we can make your MBA application exceptional

Betsy Massar of Master Admissions

Master Admissions’ number-one goal is to help you get into the business administration program of your choice. Certainly the applicant pool is competitive, but I also know that you have a compelling story that draws upon your achievements and unique personal qualities.


I help you map your strategy out so that you will succeed. So that your MBA essays stand out. Together we review your work and life experiences and carefully elicit the tangible and measurable accomplishments that you may not have seen yourself.

My goal is to get you to think creatively about your life history and where you have shown signs of outstanding personal leadership. Where you add value. Where you’ve taken the road not traveled. It’s about your authentic personal excellence – its vibrancy and its distinction.

Using supportive techniques and modern management tools, Master Admissions helps YOU make your campaign plan a reality.

Where Master Admissions makes a difference

Assisting in the entire execution of your campaign strategy, including

It's not just MBA Essays

Deciding which program

  • MBA, JD/MBA, Specific Masters Programs (e.g., Masters of Financial Engineering or concentration in Health Care)
  • Deciding whether to stay local, go out-of-state, or international
  • Full time, part-time, one-year, dual-degree, exchange programs
  • Selecting target schools for application
  • Choosing between accepted schools/programs


Clarifying and refining essays for your MBA application

  • Brainstorming key themes
  • Honing in on your unique profile
  • Assuring integrity of message
  • Editing for internal consistency
  • Copy-editing for fluent presentation

Recommendations & Resumés

  • Managing recommenders
  • Crystallizing recommenders’ message
  • Refining resume for impact


  • Coaching for content and presentation
  • Practice interview sessions
  • Supportive feedback and evaluation throughout the entire business school application process