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GMAT test successMany students ask whether they can apply to business school with the GRE, thinking that they may be disadvantaged compared to students who are applying with the GMAT.  I’ve even quoted business school admissions directors, who are still undecided.  Last year at an AIGAC conference of graduate admissions peers, I heard arguments well in favor of the GMAT, and I tend to think that all things being equal, you should take the GMAT.  Further, if you haven’t taken much quant in your life, don’t be lured into arguments that the GRE is easier. It may be, but there’s a chance your higher relative score would be discounted.

To help with your decision, my friends at Magoosh, also based in Berkeley, released a very pretty GRE vs. GMAT infographic that presents a side-by-side comparison of the two tests.